What on Earth

Created by Lynn Brunelle and in development here at Global Mechanic What On Earth is an animated series with live-action cutaways for curious kids age 5-8 who love to laugh.  

What if the Earth had her own podcast? She’d have a lot to say! What if the thing she most loved was highlighting the amazing things that make their home somewhere on her? What if she had a podcast and we could see it all unfold? Well, tune in! What If is now!

She dishes dirt with worms, yaks with yaks, dances with wolves and all the while awakens a sense of fun, awe and kinship. Guests have candid and funny conversations and bring clips showing off special talents. Scratching an itch on her belly, she pulls out a speck that she expands into a cheetah, fits her with headphones and proceeds to chat about spots and speed. Catching a sneeze in her hand she expands it to reveal her next guest—a sea jelly with whom she jaws about going with the flow and how to handle those tricky tangled tentacles. Slug love stories, sloth poop, snarky bees, flirty flowers and glowing worm drool: nothing is off limits for Ms. Earth.

She’s the ideal GLOBAL influencer!

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