Sounds Like Me

In Development

How do we help our children manage their emotions so they realize how rare and valuable they are as individuals? Sounds Like Me takes a musical path, introducing kids to the world of their own feelings through the world of music.

The Sounds Like Me Project aims to innovate what Interactive Storytelling can be by offering true interaction that affects the story as it’s happening. This project aims to target the universal language of music that any child can understand and interact with regardless of experience or education. At key moments in the story a kid’s emotions are captured through touch, sound, and facial recognition. Characters and environment in the story react accordingly.

An animated 11-minute episodic show and accompanying hybrid app for preschoolers. Conceived by Bruce Alcock and Alex Pugsley, with Bill Sherman on board as Music Director, Sounds Like Me is currently in development.

Sounds Like Me Teaser
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