Sir Bit and Sweet Story (Legacy)

Legacy Interactive Projects

Global Mechanic has been working in the digital interactive space for over ten years. We'll always be animators, but we're also gamers. It just made sense as a trajectory from our more traditional animation roots. In 2010 Sir Bit was born, an 8 bit retro dungeon-crawler multi-level quest game. That was fun, we thought, but what about story and design? Our answer: Sweet Story, an interactive e-book with stunning visuals and fun animated bits.

Sweet Story is written by Jono Howard and illustrated by François-Marc Baillet. It's a simple story of a childhood obsession with dessert, told in beautiful painted scenes. Animation is all sprite-based, brought to life with unexpected interaction patterns and crazy animation. Released as a native iOS app.

Sir Bit, an 8-bit Dungeon Crawler, was conceived, designed, and coded as a native iOS app in house by Cliff Saito, who directed five seasons of Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman at Global Mechanic. Bruce Alcock made all the music - 8-bit blues in ascending tempos to add tension - in Garage Band.

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