Sensory data platform for wine

Initially conceived as a wikipedia for wine, early development revealed a growing need to standardize the way users describe wine. Bruce Alcock designed a UI with a sensual, intuitive feel, while incorporating competition wine-tasting methods and terminology. This tasting app is the cornerstone of a suite of products, allowing extremely rich data collected consistently from tastings all over the continent.

As a design project — that's both interactive and visual design — Quini is comprehensive: UX, product iteration, marketing, training materials... the goal has always been to create a living modern identity that's consistently as artful as it is utilitarian. After all, wine is, well, delicious, and nuanced... emotional, even!

The logo is a flower blossom with five petals: one for each of the five stages of tasting. Each user tasting generates a unique blossom, which reflects user opinion in each stage.

Quini's holistic identity is rooted in sensual, playful, bold imagery. To date, we've made over 500 original illustrations using the brand's distinctive colour palette and clean vector look. The brand font is Super Grotesk, an elegant sans serif. Among the unique UX elements is a wine colour picker, which enables the user to reproduce the colour, density, and edge details of any wine with remarkable accuracy.

Quini surely offers a new—and, dare I say, potentially disruptive—marketing tool. - Thomas Pellechia, Forbes

The backend of Quini's platform is incredibly impressive and powerful. It has the latitude to change the wine industry. - Shelly Heinrich, Associate Dean, MBA Admissions and Director of Marketing, Georgetown McDonough School of Business

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