Licky on the Rainbow Coast: Teaser In House

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Onboard the Queen Of Skookumchuck, insanity reigns! It’s all thanks to Licky, the vessel’s dimwitted, effervescent, and stupendously ambitious shoeshine boy. You want aspirational heroes? To Licky, the entire ship is his to command! Never mind that Captain Caplan rules the ship with an iron fist already. You want conflict? Let’s just say these two guys butt heads over everything! But no angry, bearded, boss is gonna rain on Licky’s parade (which is scheduled for 3 o’clock on C Deck, by the way). With his good buddy, Sar Dean, at his side, Licky is determined to kick it old school 24/7. 

Every story unfurls from Licky’s unshakeable faith that he is the true captain of the ferry and, as captain, he’s in charge of investigating every “mystery”, Macgyvering every breakdown, and spearheading every new improvement on the ship! Licky creates every problem through sheer enthusiasm and fixes every problem through sheer idiocy and dumb luck. This is why Captain Caplan is carted off in an ambulance at the end of every crossing.


11-minute series of slapstick antics on the open sea for kids 7-10. A unique blend of cartoons and photos from the creators of Yam RollJon Izen and .Jono Howard

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