In December 2016 international marketing agency Innocean contacted Global Mechanic to provide our design and animation expertise to develop an exciting new campaign for KIA. After presenting the style frames the client gravitated towards our Pixar inspired solution for the “Mom Knows Best” concept, so we quickly switched gears into full production.

This whole project was quite an organic process. While the animation side was developing so was the recipe for compositing and creating interesting light and shadow throughout the spots. The use of focus pulls, stylized glows, light wraps and reflections recreated a lot of the techniques found in high-end 3D and live action without any of their technical and time-consuming issues. This level of compositing elevated the look from a somewhat flat 2d world to something approaching feature quality all while still maintaining the painterly aesthetic.

We are very proud of these spots and excited to develop this style further in future projects.

Peace of Mind KIA
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