The Creative’s Commandments


Creatives have always been pegged as visual creatures, picky and opinionated. They are a breed whose heart rates increase rapidly over the texture of a specific paper stock and weight, over debating the colour difference between “Christmas red” and “tomato red”, over catching a single whiff of that new sketchbook smell. If you are nodding right now in agreement, this is not just an idle coincidence: you, too, can …

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11 of the GMers are vying for bragging rights in the World Cup 2014 office pool. 10 have a shot.

Soccer Stakes

With the Group Stage completed in the World Cup, we thought it would be fun to share with you some of our company culture.

We’re becoming quite famous for our window Battleship with the neighbors and our giant Oculus viewing nut. But what you probably didn’t know is that we have football fanatics in our midst as well.

There’s a German, an Englishman and an American all …

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Animal (Creative) House – More Plum Landing

We spent much of our time during the last two years working on Plum Landing, a WGBH Boston project that became a beautiful online world of webisodes and interactive games for kids.

It was a fantastic journey that exercised creative vision, research skills, and technical prowess, and we couldn’t be more proud of, among other things, how good it looks.

Our very own Adam Dalley designed more than one …

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Smart Content for Kids – A Plum Landing

Global Mechanic recently completed Plum Landing, a WGBH Boston project that, in addition to several animated webisodes, included elements for interactive games and other online properties.

 We asked Tina Ouellette, Global Mechanic’s CEO and Executive Producer, to give us the abridged version of how a many faceted project like Plum Landing comes into being.

WGBH approached us about a kids’s series that would encourage …

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GlazedCon 2014

Wearable Tech in 2014 – San Francisco and Beyond

Last week our Director of Experience Design, Kharis O’Connell, was invited down to San Francisco to moderate a panel at Wearable World’s 2014 Wearable Technology conference – GlazedCon. Naturally, I had to be there too.

As the conference promised, we’re in the dawn of the wearable economy and the buzz in the downtown Regency Center was palpable. Tech media, venture …

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BCAMA - Global Mechanic


For the past few months we’ve been gearing up for the BCAMA Vision Conference here in Vancouver.

Our task in this project was to create the over-arching design concept, along with the print and digital advertising and materials necessary for the day of the event. This meant everything from print ads, web banners, and email blasts, to magazine covers and articles, programme guides, and projection slides. …

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