Post It Battleship

Talking Battleship

By Brodie

A couple months ago, our third-floor counterparts across the alley moved out, and Car 2 Go Vancouver moved in. A few awkward waves and weeks later, we noticed a Cookie Monster meme in their window. We responded in kind and posted a picture of Cookie Monster. They posted more Monster Memes. Then we… well, didn’t do anything. A few more weeks passed and we were greeted with a …

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The Art of Time Ensemble's unprecedented new show

Music, and Theatre, and Projections, Oh My!

The term ‘multimedia’ is changing with the growing array of digital tools, into an emerging, enticing space for performance artists to work in. This intersection – where traditional mediums and technology are finding new ways to coexist - is an empowering one, and frankly reassuring us that – despite this increasingly connected, yet disengaged world we’re becoming – technology can provide sensual experiences that captivate instead of decapitate.

One such example is a multimedia …

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54 Hours on the Ice

New Film from the NFB Marks Centenary of Seal Hunt Disaster

Yesterday’s world premiere of 54 Hours in St. John’s marks one hundred years since seventy eight men lost their lives on the icepacks off the coast of Newfoundland.

One of Canadian history’s most tragic tales, 54 Hours is a vivid account of a sealing tragedy in which 132 men were stranded on the ice during a severe snowstorm. In 1914, the SS Newfoundland was the …

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Yes Please launches new font, Workaday

Yes Please! to a New Font

Congrats to our director/designer team Yes Please for the commercial release of their newest sans serif font family, Workaday.

Designed by Lee Schulz, Workaday is a bold and clean contemporary take on the classic American Sans Serif. Inspired by the wildly varied history of early to mid 20th Century American signage, aircraft markings and industrial shipping vernaculars, Workaday exudes a timeless, classic flavor packed with a personality perfect for …

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Type Camp India

Type Camp India:
Context and Culture

Type Camp always leaves me feeling motivated, inspired, enthusiastic, and full of life and gratitude. It is that chance to feel normal again, amongst my fellow type nerds.

Nia, Annusia, Hanna, Paul, Tania, Mark, Kalapi, Pavithra, Stu, Kristin, INgrid, BJ and Amanda in the studio at Tara Books

We seize every opportunity to geek-out over little glyphs found in funny shop signs, filling our …

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Bruce Alcock’s “Impromptu” nominated for a Canadian Screen Award!

We are very excited to congratulate Bruce Alcock for his Canadian Screen Award nomination for his animated short “Impromptu”!

The film created by Bruce and produced by The National Film Board and Global Mechanic has been getting a lot of attention since its release.

The world premiere was at TIFF back in August. The interwebs were buzzing with reviews coming in everywhere from …

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